September 28, 2021

Top 4 note-taking app finalists

We've counted up the votes to reveal Capiche's Top 4.

by @klapicheza

Capiche moderator & admin. Digital whiteboarding fangirl. Open to commiserating on slim ATS pickings.
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The Top 4 note-taking apps are here:


Make sure your favorite app makes it to the final two here. Voting closes 11:59 p.m. CDT on Oct. 12!

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@just2jays (replying to klapicheza )
8 months ago

Love following this showdown! We're about where I expected and I see my top 2 are still in the running. I have a feeling its going to come down to data privacy versus a more advanced feature set...but maybe there'll be an upset?

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@tng (replying to klapicheza )
8 months ago

Mem emerging as the winner vs. Coda is the big surprise for me.

I love what they're building though. The learning curve is low, the spotlight feature is a delight and their mobile experience makes it complete. Exciting to see if it comes down to Mem vs. Roam at the end.

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@damianesteban (replying to klapicheza )
5 months ago

What about logseq?

1 point
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