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  • ### What is Hey?
  • Hey is an email service made by [Basecamp](, which launched on June 15, 2020.
  • Here's a summary of some highlights from the [Hey Manifesto](
  • * **"A platform, not a client"**: Hey isn't built on top of Gmail or Outlook, it's an actual email service.
  • * **"No consent, no attention"**: Nobody lands in your inbox unless you've given them consent.
  • * **"Get less email"**: Hey claims not just to make your email processing more efficient, but to actually reduce the volume
  • * **"Their mess isn’t your mess"**: Hey allows you to change subject lines and merge threads, so you don't need to rely on other people to follow your sorting protocols
  • * **"Just say flow"**: Hey doesn't have a concept of "Inbox Zero". It treat email more like a flow, where old things just flow out of your site.
  • * **"No bother**: Hey's default is no push notifications. They can be adjusted on a per-sender basis.
  • * **"Counterintelligence"**: Hey blocks all email tracking pixels.
  • * **"Pay with money, not privacy"**: Hey intends to only monetize via direct revenue from customers, not via data
  • Hey costs $99/year.