Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about HubSpot?

The ability to send outbound sequences within the CRM.

I love that HubSpot is an all-inclusive marketing platform (that's the one thing) to manage email, contacts, social media, reporting, blogging, and more.

One platform for all SMB/mid-market marketing needs

HubSpot does a great job of tracking prospect engagement when sending out emails to potential prospects. Getting real time notification when someone clicks a link is helpful to know how they are engaging with the message of the email.

The bundling of multiple products together

How it integrates so many digital marketing tools.

Super organised CRM and the free version gives all the necessary functionality to run a functional sales organisation at startup phase (sales team of 1-3)

How easy the system is to use, and how every part just fits together.

It's free for the CRM

I love the deal table and how it shows us our pipeline. I like that it immediately makes deals out of marketing conversions.

All-one-in platform that comes with analytics built-in

There are easy to use and workflow editing tools

Makes everything I do on the sales front very easy and integrated.

All-in-one solution. No fussing around with 20+ different tools.

Super powerful in contextual marketing tool for small and mid-size businesses.

Free CRM, easy to use, simple sales process

I like that there is a free tier and that it is pretty simple to get started right away.

CRM functionality and the ability to sync with inboxes.

The quality and quantity of the educational material they publish via the HubSpot academy

Replaces an FTE, which is great.

Super supportive company, and one platform that does everything

The ability to centralize all marketing operations

User friendly and easy to learn!

It's an intuitive, simple CRM.

CRM + marketing automation feature, makes it really easy to be smart with all your automatic campaigns. Also, the CRM serves as the defacto go to place for our customer support team.

Their support is second to none! Chat, phone, email - all readily available and happy to help in a matter of seconds.

What one thing do you like least about HubSpot?

Charging by the amount of contacts.

I dislike that the learning curve to use HubSpot effectively is so steep. If it had a more targeted on-boarding path, it would increase engagement and value for users.

Lack of integrations with google calendar and associated data.

The inability to turn off auto-contact creation across the platform - which plays very much into @JasonYanowitz's critique of the company charging by the number of contacts you have in your CRM.

HubSpot doesn’t fit more advanced use cases due to it’s focus on ease of use and approachability. For example, custom objects are difficult to implement and not supported with much documentation which makes extending HubSpot challenging and prevents some use cases altogether.

As HubSpot looks to expand further into mid market and enterprise, they’ve improved their CRM but are still behind Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua when it comes to providing a powerful MAP that syncs with Salesforce. Would not recommend their CRM for large orgs as it is meant for SMBs primarily.

Their sequences lack AB testing for subject lines, sending from a new thread within a single sequence, and sales intelligence tiles for quick email customization.

None of the products are actually great

It's expensive to run, and I get the impression it can get super costly if you scale significantly.

No ability to send multiple emails at once

The price, the system is quite expensive compared to other in the same class and segment

Sequences costs a lot of money.

I find contact importing confusing

Content management system is not good

Api access is only in premium editions. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Integrations are sometimes spotty. Changes to lists have made things clunky when trying to accomplish certain tasks. The pricing gets EXPENSIVE and only gets more expensive as time goes on.

Pricing can ramp pretty scarily if you don't know what you are doing.

Require developers during the initial set up. Otherwise, you'll spend days trying to figure it out yourself.

It's a bit too rudimentary to make complicated sales systems work correctly.

I don't like how difficult it is to create custom fields and options for the fields.

The partner / consultant vacuum — where they're more fixed on gaining a commission by selling a plan that is bloated for a business' needs.

Attribution isn't built in automatically. You have to build it.

The API isn't as complete as we would like

Jack of all trades, master of none. Of lately, I have been dissatisfied with the latest new features of it especially around social media reporting and ad management. It often feels like I am compromising on the quality of campaigns on some mediums by relying solely on HubSpot.

Not as in-depth as Salesforce with information regarding prospects

Can't get a URL permalink to a specific comment or other piece of activity on a deal/company

The blog is pretty ugly, and emails templates are pretty ugly as well. We eventually moved our Blog to Webflow.

One of the issues we're currently running into is that we can't filter what contacts we bring over from Salesforce without completely reworking our role hierarchy + org-wide defaults

The charge for contacts. It's way too steep.

And if I can add another, a lot of the modules aren't as brilliant as marketed. Still have to run spreadsheets for doing more.