Mixpanel offers three tiers of pricing:
1. FREE – 100K monthly tracked users with all the essentials to find product-market fit
2. GROWTH – Pick your monthly tracked users and buy online, starting at $17/month
3. ENTERPRISE – Custom pricing for large organizations

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Mixpanel also offers a Startups program where qualifying companies can get $50,000 in FREE credits towards the Growth Plan. For more details and to apply, visit

Last updated 12/13/2020

How much are you paying for Mixpanel?


For the team of 400 people and 20M MAU we pay $360,000 a year

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We were previously on the 320M events/year plan which cost us circa $31,000/year. We changed to an MTU plan for 450K MTUs (~5.4B events/year), which also provided us with access to user analysis and group analysis. We now pay for an additional $45,000/year.

MixPanel are pretty flexible if you commit to purchasing by a specific date as it helps them forecast revenue.

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We have 10 employees. We were paying 2k/year for the middle plan when renewal came up.

We threatened to leave and said they weren't supporting startups, and they told us of a miraculously new startup program which is 90% off whatever the normal MTU price is.

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