Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Notion?

Simple single source of truth with intuitive organizational workflows

I love the fact that I can do the work of several different apps all in Notion.

Albeit the capabilities aren't always equal to the stand-alone "specialist" app that is being replaced, they are often more than good enough to get the job done and the benefits of consolidating/simplifying app usage far outweighs the typical shortcomings. For example, while not as full featured as Asana for project management, Notion definitely gets the job done for me for managing projects. Same with Google Docs, Google Sheets (except where integration is needed), Evernote, Pocket and more recently Google Calendar. I've literally replaced all of these with Notion. What I give up in minor features (at least to me) and more than make up for in using just ONE app for all.

Collaborative editing!

I love the flexibility Notion provides. Want a table? You got it. Want a document? Sure. Want a kanban? Done. It takes many of the tools companies I worked with previously had to cobble together and puts it all in one package.

Notion is highly customizable and incredibly flexible. We've been using it to build out our internal knowledge bases, company wiki, and organize teams and client info. Being able to link relevant pages, databases, etc. has been incredibly useful.

Once you conquer the Notion learning curve, you can master your business and life. The perfect way to centralize all your tools, information and processes. Great UX!

Notion is a fancy It's great for basic collaboration of documents and all of the added templates really allow Notion to be a great internal wiki.

The versatility, I use Notion for personal, freelance business and planning startups.

I love the interface for the wiki-building capabilities.

Its fun to use. As a result, getting teammates to adopt it has been easy. Even people who didn't habitually document stuff earlier now use Notion.

Notion is the ultimate Note taking app, you can rearrange all your notes in pages and sub-pages which create with the time a massive personal Wiki.
Also you can use it for you to do, as you know to-do and notes are often related having everything in the same place is game changer.

Tables - the multiple views, ability to embed a table in multiple documents, conditionals and calculations.

I can include everything in one doc. Shortcuts + / command

Easy to use. Everyone even without much technology background can write things .

Really nice rich text editor & databases.

The ability to quickly create and organize documents/knowledge.

You can do everything in it.

Very flexible and allows you to set up complex systems that works for the exact situation you need it for.

The modularity and the ability to turn the same entity into a post, or a table row, or even a Kannan card if you like

Versatile note-document for all teams, with lightweight tables and database-ish for better organization.

The shortcuts. As an ex-banker, I don't ever want to touch my mouse.

Ease of use, being able to do multiple things in once place versus too many things all over the place.

It's versatile and flexible

Notion is probably the best note-taking product the world has seen thus far. It's a good example of quality beating the competition (Evernote/OneNote).

Mixing docs, tables, to-do lists, and rich interlinking in single docs.

Single source of truth for all my documents and notes

simple but powerful

Page based custom database enables me to create exactly what I need. I have an awesome todo database with exactly the right columns and all my knowledge is stored neatly in pages that are linked to the right ticket. It’s a very sleek design.

Notion does a really good job of being a team collaborative wiki. It's flexible enough to use in "single-player mode" and still get enough value that it's worth the overhead. That means that people don't push out of notion and do their draft/authoring elsewhere as much, so your team ultimately ends up documenting and using more ideas.

Notion has a lot of flexibility, which is great. It's a combination of note-taking + light database + light task/project management.

Great way to organize my todos, notes, thoughts & writings.

The interface is extremely user friendly, making it easy to share with clients.

the ease of embedding pages directly within notes and embedding references to other notes

The flexibility.

I use Notion to manage my investor database but also as my Sales CRM. My startup's user manual and API docs are hosted there and I write up our blog posts there.

I love how simple and clean the entire app is and how its use of emojis and cover art somehow inspires you to keep taking more notes!

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I use it as a personal CRM tool

Things I dig about Notion -

  1. Embeddable pages. I love it. I have got everything scoped out on one huge document and it's not really that big with pages embedded inside of it.

  2. The clean design - I never felt it before but Medium was too minimalistic and Google docs now just seem overblown for my basic needs.

  3. Emoji support - I mean come on, it looks awesome

The bundling of lists, tables, charts, tasks, notes, light-weight databases, forms, and in a way not really thought of inside one product before is amazing. I'm currently building a product for a friends remote company, and Notion has become the foundations, almost the knowledge infa, of the whole business.

The ability to create ad hoc databases with various views.

Nesting pages freely

Flexibility of form factors for content that can be created

Notion is quite powerful and flexible.

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It's wonderfully malleable.

I love its wiki capability and flexibility.

What is the 1 thing I like the most about Notion?

Their logo.


Templates! After a few months of using notion, I realized that 70% of my writing there could fit within the confines of a template. Creating good templates is well-worth the time investment. My workflow is nice and steamlined now.

Notion does two things very well:
1) Typographic hierarchy & readability: Even with a minimal set of styling options, most Notion documents look and read great.
2) With the ability to nest content of any types, Notion lets you create your own taxonomy for your documents. That puts it way ahead of most other "Finder/Explorer" style interfaces which is just a dump of files.

These two features makes it worth it.

In all honesty, their table, kanban and gallery views are quite subpar.

What one thing do you like least about Notion?

The comment section: In the update menu, you can't access the comment in question.

Markdown copy pasting and sometimes inline table and kanban board not being that good. Can't set domain to a public page

Because of its flexibility, it's really easy to create a mess unless you get really tight on how you organize pages and content. The delineation between private, shared, and public pages can get a bit messy (mostly because permissions look different between those three types of content, and you can easily find yourself in a situation where you've accidentally shared something you shouldn't, or locked out something everyone needs access to). Like any content hub, the biggest challenge over time is that it can be difficult to find what you need. Search works ok, but can return a lot of useless results if people are using similar words or naming paradigms for their pages.

There is a learning curve to fully utilize Notion. It's too much horsepower for a simple note-taking app.

I haven't had this issue yet but I wonder if search becomes tough as you create more in notion.

There is enough overhead to "learning" notion, that in a large enough company, a lot of people get frustrated by it or make mistakes in it. The hotkeys are super weird/non-intuitive, the structure is kind of odd, the commenting interface is really in-effective. There's a lot of learning notion's quirks to get it to format correctly or work the way you thought it would when you started writing something. It's much easier to get people to adopt gdocs.

The lack of an API. It would be extremely valuable to have the data available outside of the Notion UI.

The usability of the mobile app isn't good. It's easy to make mistakes while typing, sometimes accidentally deleting stuff.

More difficult to sign enterprise contracts with than other services, with no discounts or benefits

Lack of a public API or integration with Zapier or other similar services is probably the thing I like the least about Notion. Although, they say it's coming soon, it's already been a while in coming. The ability to connect to other apps/services would add to the game-changer status that Notion already enjoys and would bring unbelievable power and flexibilty to the platform. Can't wait for that.

The bundling of products into Notion’s all in one software, while generally convenient, is confusing and disorganized at times. The number pages created gets unwieldy and then organizing them after the fact can be difficult.

Formatting is tricker and more limited than it should be

It promotes icon abuse :)

Can become messy if you don't have a methodology to organize your documents/knowledge

Communication about product roadmap could be better. Some features have been "coming soon" for a very long time (looking at you, public API).

The native Mac app can be very very slow at times

Search and mobile app are pretty bad.

It's just a fancy wiki, just like using something such as Confluence. You need to have someone actively managing it in order for it continue being valuable. "Notion smell" is definitely going to become a thing.

I wish it had a better way to show you edits made by other members when you collaborate on pages.

Search. We have a lot of workspaces in the sidebar, just going to the correct one is too manual. Might be me not knowing how to do it. Search results should possibly be a full size view.

Lack of integrations.

Slow mobile experience.

I feel like when you try to push the tool with formula and creating kind of automated to do for your time you hit the celling very quickly. That's why I use notion for very basic stuff (which are 80% of my every day work).

No spell check when using the desktop app!

Nesting can make things a bit complicated.

No offline capability

No true native apps!

It is buggy. Needs to level up on performance and speed.

notifications are not properly managed

No API! It’s coming and it will be worth the wait. But it would be nice to interact with my data to further enhance and streamline my cloud setup. Notion already replaced so many tools. The API will for sure reinvent work and secure confidence to invest into further use of the app.

It starts to get very complicated when you try to build proper structures for "folder-like" segmentation and connect it back to other docs and start managing things at scale.

Would love to have more functionalities for the browser extension.

The data structure when exporting is extremely messy.

easy of embedding notes in other notes can make it difficult to find what you're looking for. there's no good way to see what somewhere within notion. if you're not careful, and clear on your note taking/organizing strategy, it can quickly become untenable

Some parts of the experience could be better polished. For instance, upon PDF export, tables get converted to Black & White, which makes them look less beautiful than within Notion.

Oh, and I wish they had a proper Offline Mode.

I wish there was a way to have multiple note tabs open.

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Slow speed, search could be better.

I dislike -

  1. that you have to dig deep to setup a reminder and it only sends the reminder on notion not on email or something

  2. no API. This really means i can't connect notion to a hundred different things of my own

I hate -

  1. the fact that i can't search properly for that one little thing i had written maybe somewhere in some page. It's starting to feel a bit chaotic for me.

It's still a bit buggy at times and the writing experience isn't amazing. I find myself writing in other tools and posting into Notion as small thinks in the text editor and spacing isn't great. Although that stuff is hard to get right in a multi use product like Notion.

I wish it would recognize addresses as a type of properties. This would make it easier/possible to automatically create maps from a list of places.

Mobile app is a bit buggy - sometimes doesn't start at all

Navigation between pages

I want to access its API.

I think the folders / hierarchy could be better.

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It's too complex for your average Joe.