Add company logos to your Notion docs without downloading them

Using emojis is versatile but sometimes you need something a little more specific, like a company's logo. Luckily Clearbit offers a free logo API and the format is incredibly simple. Just go to your Notion doc icon, click 'Link', and use the format - an example domain would be!

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3 years ago

That's super clever, thanks for sharing! Looks like Clearbit isn't pulling in Capiche's logo yet; I was going to say we need to get @maccaw to add it but just noticed that we need to add an open graph logo, so I'll get on that.

This will be super handy when I'm writing about software, and can pull in logos to make notes stand out like below with the Notion logo pulled in via


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@alexjvale (replying to @maguay )
3 years ago

I should've checked my example first!

It's perfect for software, like when listing suppliers or clients.

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@maguay (replying to @alexjvale )
3 years ago

No worries, good reminder to add it (which I just did)!

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