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We are developing a few API internally that I would like to document.

Currently the only "documentation" available is a simple JMeter project. It contains calls to the API.

The main drawbacks are that :
* JMeter is not made to create a specification for the API
* Its XML file does not play nice on git

As I would like to version my specification / documentation in my git repository, OpenAPI seems a good fit. However, I am looking for a tool to display the documentation in a nice way (some kind of UI) and make API calls based on the specification.

Postman seems to be OK for the job but are there any other major tools that I am missing for my benchmark?


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a year ago

I’ve used Paw in the past and liked it over Postman, but it’s been a while:
Auxl looks really interesting but I haven't tried it:

Both are available on Setapp

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a year ago

You should defintely have a look at Swagger

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a year ago

Hey Guillaume - Anthony from Bump here. I'd be happy to get to know more about your needs, would love to connect!

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