Asynchronous or Real-time Collaboration. Which one do you prefer?

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a year ago

It really depends. Scaling distributed teams has taught me that there is a purpose for both methods of collaboration and often people get confused by the two.

With distributed work, it's really important to write things down. So asynchronous communication where you are writing things down can be really really effective for getting things done and so can quick videos using Loom.

I also have a simple way of collaborating in real-time that I have found to be very effective as well.

  • Choose the collaboration tool (G Suite, Notion, Airtable, Trello, GitHub, etc...)
  • Get on a voice call (video is optional)
  • Have one person share their screen (optional)
  • Talk and work together πŸ€“

Good for getting things done with up to 3 people and get things done fast in a remote environment.

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