Can we please get smaller fonts in Hey?

Seriously. This is comically huge.

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a year ago

We like the way it looks! ;)

There's a subtle strategy at play here. Zooming in a little prevents you from looking at too many things at once. I find looking at Gmail depressing because it's this one long list of all this stuff I have to deal with. HEY's size and layout and approach limits the amount of things in your field of vision and on your mind at any one time. It may not be for everyone, but neither is any particular layout. I think it's a fresh take, but I'm biased of course!

Also, iOS is pushing an update shortly which lets you adjust sizes based on your system settings.

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@fl0atplane (replying to @jasonfried )
a year ago

I hope that comes to macOS also... on desktop, things are particularly too big depending upon your screen size/resolution combo.

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