Do you have Slack guidelines set up in your organization? If so, what are the major aspects that help your company stay productive?

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a year ago

We don't have guidelines, but if we did, here's what I'd like to see:
*Keep random comments in a "random" channel so I can unsubscribe if I want
*Don't post in a channel when a DM will work
*Only start a thread when you think there will be more than 1-2 replies
*Think long and hard before adding a new channel
*If you really need a specific person to see something specifically, tag them (because I'm definitely not reading everything)

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@maguay (replying to @rhogroupee )
a year ago

That's a great idea on the Random channel; we literally were discussing how #random is only for truly random, non-work stuff this week.

And I still feel like #general is the weirdest channel that I'm never certain how to use best 😅

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@RuslanM (replying to @rhogroupee )
a year ago

Nice points.
Most of the things could be covered by common sense.
We have a naming policy (p** for projects, m*** for management, etc.) and some SLAs. Not a lot of policies, but that works.

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a year ago

Our main focus is removing unnecessary interruptions at a team level. I wrote a blog post highest impact actions. Here are the tips from the post:

  1. Slack etiquette: Don't use @channel, @here, @everyone. Use the appropriate handle for assistance (see tip 4).
  2. Setup a help desk action: A built-in form in Slack that helps flush out better questions.
  3. Support meetings: Recognize what is urgent and what is not. Non-urgent things can be handled in a weekly meeting instead of ping-by-ping.
  4. Support rotation schedule: Plan for the urgent things by rotating who is assigned to help. We use Tellspin ( to make a round robin rotation for @mentions (user groups).

Read more about each tip on the blog (

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@maguay (replying to @plainice )
a year ago

Ahhh clever on the Slack etiquette. Did you disable @here globally, or just have a broad policy to not use it, and then keep it enabled just in case it's really needed someday?

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