Do you keep your personal and work tasks separate, or do you merge them into a to-do list that has everything in one place?

Odds are your team doesn’t use the same tool to manage projects and assign work as you use to manage your personal life. Even your calendar appointments likely live on separate Google Calendars, one for work, another for home and personal. Or, even worse, you might be on multiple teams, each with their own lists.

Do you copy things between the two, putting your personal tasks on your work to-do list? Or more likely, copy work tasks over to a personal scratch list? Or do you just try to juggle everything in your head between all of the lists of things you’re working on?

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almost 2 years ago

This is a piece of cake with #Clickup. You can organize your Spaces, Folders, and list to have as much separation and/or as much consolidation for the use case you reference. As a consultant with multiple clients, I have a Work folder with many different lists (one for each client) and a Personal folder with many different lists (one for each different area of my personal life).

When I need to see everything in one place I just view the Space that show everything in each folder and each list contained therein. Then you can add sort criteria and filters to show things how you wish. And, you can see them in any view, i.e., List, Board, Table, Calendar, and more.

I have used all the apps you mention and Clickup is hands down (hehe) the most elegant and the most flexible. It is feature-rich and so the learning curve is perhaps a little steeper but nothing like Notion or Roam.

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@maguay (replying to @Nanomax )
almost 2 years ago

Nice! I've heard so many good things about ClickUp here.

So basically, you can have a private personal folder, and shared work folders, but see everything across both lists?

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almost 2 years ago

We use Basecamp for shared work tasks, but it doesn't really fit well into my personal flow. So I am currently using daily notes in Noteplan 3 to peel out my own work tasks, as well as personal tasks. Every day has three main headers: What Good Shall I Do Today, One Big Thing, and Everything Else. The first one is something I can do for someone else (either micro or meta), second one is the one thing that HAS to be done by end of day and can't be rescheduled, and third is no more than 5 "other" items. What ends up happening is I use Basecamp to share larger progress on projects, but then pull individual tasks into my Noteplan system.

Prior to this system, I was using a very detailed Notion database that had color codes for work vs personal etc., but ended up being too much of a "beast" to feed. This new system is stupid simple, so I've been pretty good about using it.

Also, I'm a founder, so there's really not much differentiation between "work" and "personal" tasks to be honest.

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@maguay (replying to @rhogroupee )
almost 2 years ago

Love these, especially the What Good Shall I Do Today list.

I've landed on a similar system albeit without anywhere near as much organization as you have here, where my work tasks tend to be in Notion and Slack, personal tasks in Things, and then each morning I'll write down a list of the most important stuff across both lists to make sure I get to them.

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almost 2 years ago

We all use GQueues at my company professionally, and I also use the same app personally — with great success (very GTD-friendly). I can't imagine having to use a separate app for each.

My "Queues" are segmented using P.A.R.A.
(minus the Resources category)

For each category:

Separated by:
@Work1 (primary civ job)
@Work2 (side hustle #1)
@Army (side hustle #2)

Bonus: with the ability to export all of my "stuff" and take it with me, I have archived tasks that date back to 2012 (when I started using GQueues), which makes for helpful data mining when required for repeat tasks similar to already completed tasks, etc.

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@maguay (replying to @evilsizor )
almost 2 years ago

Very cool. How does that work with multiple Google accounts? If you left your company or changed your domain, could you move your personal tasks to your personal Google account, or would you just need to export then re-import tasks?

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@evilsizor (replying to @maguay )
almost 2 years ago

"just need to export then re-import tasks?" 👈


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almost 2 years ago

I use Todoist to track my personal and professional tasks. There’s a work project, where all my professional task go, and several personal projects. I use the same app to track them, but they’re not mixed.
At work, I receive my tasks by e-mail, with several pdfs attached. Each pdf is a different task(legal stuff I need to do). Tech is not so great where I work, so I decided to create my own workflow.
I used Integromat to create an automation: every work day, Integromat takes the e-mail I receive with my tasks, extracts all the pdf attachments, create a new task in Todoist for each attachment and upload the attachment as a comment to the new created task.
Those files are stored in Todoist cloud, and I can access them any time I want. I don’t need to create tasks and upload files manually anymore, and it saves me an hour daily.

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almost 2 years ago

Our entire company uses ClickUp for project management. It's great for when you want to have a clear overview of what's going on across teams and departments. Since there are quite a few of us, there's no room for everyone to have their own to-do list within ClickUp. I personally use Trello for my work as well as personal life to-dos. Funnily enough, I also need to create a daily list of things to do on paper because I'm old-school, hahah. (There's nothing like crossing out a task once you've completed it - the ultimate satisfaction)

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almost 2 years ago

I use OmniFocus for exactly this reason. I can shuffle through various perspectives that I've created to show me everything I've got on my plate for the day, just work related tasks for the day, or just personal stuff for the day. I love the flexibility OF perspectives give me to filter my tasks and projects quickly and thoroughly.

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