Do you still use RSS readers?

Google Reader used to be part of my morning routine. And then I switched to Feedly when Google killed Reader. But since Twitter, I've been going to Feedly less often. I discover interesting links on Twitter, read them, or save them for later on Pocket.

Have these habits changed similarly for you? Or do you still stick to a regular RSS reading routine?

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2 years ago

Absolutely—I still check RSS feeds most mornings.

My favorite RSS app is Reeder, a really nicely designed Mac and iOS feed reader. I pair that with NewsBlur, which is how I manage feeds and read them in the browser.

NewsBlur is great at letting you filter feeds to, say, watch company blogs only for product updates. And Reeder's nice typefaces and design makes skimming feeds, reading articles, and sending them to Instapaper and more easy.

Basically I skim headlines, open stuff that looks interesting, send stuff that's long to Instapaper to read later, then mark everything else as read.

This older discussion about favorite RSS reader apps had a number of other app suggestions that could be worth checking out if you'd like to get back into using RSS feeds, including Fiery Feeds, NetNewsWire, Feedly, BazQux, Unread, and Newsify.

That said, I tend to use RSS feeds more for blogs that I want to check at leisure—things where I want to check everything they write, but not where I need to know what they wrote instantly. For more daily news, I tend to check the landing page of the site itself (say to check the New York Times or Asia Nikkei Review's homepage) for a broad overview of what's happening, or directly subscribe to a newsletter to make sure I know what's happening (say with The SF Minute for a quick daily briefing).

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2 years ago

Since using Pocket and becoming minimalist with most things, including information, I stopped using a feed reader.

But a good friend of mine recommended InoReader.

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2 years ago

Interesting, I also started with Google Reader then Feedly until Twitter completely eclipsed Feedly to the point I completely forgot about it until today.
I suppose not only Twitter allows me to follow my favorite content creators but also you can talk to them and other users directly.

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