Does Mailchimp offer any discounts for startups?

We're thinking of moving from GetResponse to MailChimp. For starts, we foresee needing 25k contacts.

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10 months ago
MailChimp does not have a listed startup discount.

As far as I know, MailChimp doesn't have a startup discount. They do let you send emails to 2,000 contacts with their free plan, but that wouldn't be enough for your needs.

One discount you can get is that if you enable 2-factor authentication on your MailChimp account, you can get a 10% discount on your bill for 3 months.

Another option you could consider is, which offers a year of free email for up to 12,000 people, or 90% off your first year otherwise (which your team would need), via Segment's startup package:

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