Founders, solopreneurs & tech workers, how do you use no-code tools? What are your pro-tips and cautionary tales?

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almost 2 years ago

I am using a NoCode web builder Zoho Sites with reasonable happiness, know I can do better from a design point of view but have seen more attractive sites done with it.
The only problem is that they don't easily support embedding movies, you have to use a YouTube widget which is not what I want, I've currently got gifs on rather than more compact mp4s.

I've also used Carrd Pro for some quick landing page sites & highly recommend.

Currently stewing about selecting a noCode solution for a little side-project, starting as a utility to scratch an itch. Some of the eval

I posted the following appeal in a few places:

Picking no/lowCode tool that can delight & scale

I have a side-project/problem to solve which I can possibly solve with just Airtable but thought would be a good chance to learn a bit more about other noCode tools. Looking for a tool recommendation to build a web app that matches:

  • has design flexibility for a really nice consumer experience including interface animation, eg Lottie or SVG
  • backend can store images, possibly video, or can gate to AWS S3 without high added cost
  • backend store allows for complex relationships to be built, don't care if is SQL or not, & supports text searching
  • does good responsive designs but would settle for mobile-first with desktop requiring redesign
  • vital doesn't have massively escalating costs if it was widely adopted (have read several scare stories about bubble) or heavily used
  • prefer free or low cost to get started - I'm going to be doing very incremental dev over months, with just odd hours, so can't use a short-term trial to decide.
  • can be extended if I want to add advanced features (I'm a very experienced multi-plat dev)
  • dev experience is low priority - I don't mind difficult tools
  • has export or text-based internal format, so I'm not stuck with some unusable binary if vendor goes under, & can use version control as I go
  • handover to a team is possible - supports multiple developers (this is a low priority but once the basics are there might want to just hire folks)

If you are a vendor and are also interested in having an in-depth, independent article written about the tool, feel free to recommend yourself but be warned if you have weak points, they are likely to be called out. I'm also very fair and happy to rave about truly impressive experiences! This is not a project that's going to happen fast so no promises as to how soon such material would come out. I may also write it up as a series as I go, more Developer Diary style.

Any key points about the selection process I've missed?

(No this is not a pivot from Touchgram, but something I wanted to do a better job of than just stuffing odd things into Evernote and realised I've possibly identified a useful niche market, plus want to have real idea of how hard these tools are to build with)

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almost 2 years ago

As a developer, another option is to accelerate the start with a really good code generator, then be able to edit from there.

Whilst I know very little about React, it dominates this space.

DivJoy generates React - see DivJoy vs React video & I have a lot of faith having seen them grow through Pioneer.

AppGyver now part of SAP, also generates React and React-Native, free for rev or funding < $10M

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