Has anyone used Klaus or a similar app/DIY hack for internal reviews/feedback on CSR tickets?

Klaus's entry tier pricing seems steep for what you get (which is basically dashboards/reporting). Has anyone negotiated the price down?

I'm also open to any solution (another SaaS or DIY hack) if it can help me (a manager): Review customer service tickets in Zendesk and consolidate/publish my feedback internally.

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2 years ago

At we use Moved to it from Airtable and saved a bunch of time.

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2 years ago

If you need human review functionality to review ticket data and add feedback we should be able to help. We're running a closed beta at the moment - if you ping me at I'm happy to give you an account to play with.

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2 years ago

Hey Ryan,

At Emtropy, we help you completely automate and get to a 100% coverage for the CSR ticket review process. Happy to set up a demo any time.

You can check us out at or respond here.


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