Have you replaced Zoom with Slack’s built-in calls?

I've used Slack calls occasionally, and they generally seem to work well—but have you found Slack calls good enough to replace Zoom?

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almost 2 years ago
No. Zoom Rules

I think the problem with Slack at least for us, is that its way too easy to jump on a call and we fear people might use this in a way that is counter-productive. We stick with Zoom meeting that are 90% scheduled ahead of time, so everyone can have their "focus time"

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almost 2 years ago

This makes sense. I find Zoom to be way more reliable, especially on video calls. Like @maguay said above, audio calls on Slack can be a helpful feature if you're having a discussion and want to just quickly do it via call for higher communication bandwidth.

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almost 2 years ago
Only for smaller teams and shorter calls

Slack calls work great for 1-1 calls in my experience, but don't tend to have as good of quality as Zoom calls on poor internet connections. Additionally, Slack only lets you include up to 15 people in a video call. That makes Zoom better for larger team calls, or for calls that may be over less reliable internet connections.

My default is to use Slack for quick, one-off calls, and Zoom for larger, scheduled meetings.

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