How do you export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Is there an easy way to copy the lead details from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

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a year ago


I work at Wiza, and I would recommend that you check us out

It will allow you to export searches, find emails, phone numbers, etc.

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3 years ago
Copy and paste—or sync to Salesforce

LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not include a way to export your sales leads directly. Instead, you would need to search for leads, and click through each one to see then copy their contact information. Or, if you add the leads as contacts first and they accept you, LinkedIn lets you export your personal contacts from your My Network page—though would need to re-export whenever you need new contacts, and if you are looking for a large number of leads, you could quickly hit LinkedIn's 30,000 contact limit.

The only official way to export leads out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is with the built-in Salesforce sync. If you have a Salesforce account, you could set LinkedIn to sync your leads to Salesforce. That'll give you all of their contact info—including email address—in Salesforce, where you can then export a spreadsheet of your Salesforce leads or use other Salesforce integrations to sync contacts from Salesforce to your email newsletter, marketing apps, and more.

Or, you could use 3rd party browser extensions to scrape extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator—including Wiza and Skrapp.

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a year ago

Wiza, Krapp or good. You also got GetProspect and Evaboot:

It not only extract but also clean and filters bad results out of your search so you can focus on the good leads

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