How do you prioritize projects?

Hi all!

I've set up spaces such as Personal, Family, Business, Career. I've added my projects (lists) to spaces. Some of the lists are grouped in folders.

Now, since I am the only one to work on those projects and time is a limited resource, I have to prioritize.

But I struggle to find a single place where I can see my lists at glance, hopefully grouped by space and folder.

Do I miss something? How do you prioritize your projects?

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7 months ago

I keep a detailed google calendar, and I color code by subject.

Green= Personal Time (working out, eating, relaxation)
Yellow= Networking/ outreach/ social media posts
Orange = Strategy / Special Project
Purple = Webinar
Red = Meeting
Pink = Research

This helps me glance, and know what I have to really stick to (red for meetings) and what is more flexible, pink for research.

I also create a map of the next 3-4 months to prioritize my longer term projects.
Try breaking it into four sections:
1) Macro view of plans for the QT (excel: I put this on the top row of my document)
2) Monthly view (excel: I put this on the second row of my document)
3) Weekly View (excel: I put this on the bottom row of the document and break it up by project)
4) Daily View (google calendar)

I revise this plan every few weeks to keep it up to date incase anything changed.

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7 months ago

One thing that's worked well for me on a daily prioritization basis is looking over my calendar and to-do list in the morning, and then writing down on paper the top 1-3 things that MUST be done that day, making sure they're both urgent tasks and that they push some work goal forward. That at least helps cut through the clutter of replying to emails and random smaller tasks that can always wait if needed.

Prioritization has always been tough for me, though; I need to use @wqhipsh's tips and organize things better, as that's a genius plan.

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What tools do you use for personal administrative tasks?

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