How do you see Zapier's product and messaging change to support different types of customers?

As you diversify your marketing channels, and dig deeper into different audiences which result in an audience less familiar with technology, how do you help them use the product better—and still maintain the power-user features that early adaptors love?

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a year ago

We're constantly trying to figure out how to make Zapier more approachable to new people. The market for this type of tool is big, if it's easy to understand.

One thing we're bullish on is sharing. We launched Zap sharing just the other day. This lets folks share the Zaps they've built with others. I suspect this will allow others to teach people how to use Zapier in market segments where we (Zapier) isn't an expert.

Good Zap sharing, good online communities, supporting others and helping them be successful goes a long way to teaching others about automation.

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