How do you track customer mentions across all social media and review platforms?

Does your team regularly check social media, App Stores, eCommerce sites, and other places where customers might interact with your products for reviews and comments? Or do you let users review your product—or perhaps add-ons and additional tools—on your site?

And if so, how do you manage them? Do you find it best to ignore negative reviews, or do you reach out to the customer?

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a year ago

We use Mention ( and IFTTT. Mention is great to provide Internet scope scanning on keywords. Its tricky to set it up so that you get less noise, but its still pretty useful. For more specific monitoring we use IFTTT , for example Twitter #s and @s. Everything is then synced to a Slack channel.

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@maguay (replying to @Vitalhead )
a year ago

Ohhh great call on using IFTTT to monitor Twitter—I used to do something similar with Zapier and had almost forgotten you could do so!

Any success with Google Alerts?

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a year ago

Using for this - get a daily email report with links & clippings that matched my filters. Great for monitoring competitors & target audience as well.

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@gdal821 (replying to @onedurr )
a year ago

Ooh I'm gonna check this out!

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a year ago

Back in my day at a big consumer brand, we used Hootsuite to monitor this on social and would respond to negative reviews if we felt they passed the troll test. We didn't go scouring other sites for negative reviews beyond social though — at a certain size, it's probably not worth it.

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