How much does compliance software cost?

We're trying to compare compliance products (CCPA/GDPR) for customers but this world seems pretty opaque and ancient in its ways.

Pricing doesn't match what they bill you after sales calls, you don't get the same price depending on who is on the call etc...

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7 months ago
How HubSpot handles compliance


Most marketing platforms will have compliance tools built in - they can't really operate without them.

I can comment on what HubSpot has - a full suite of compliance settings that are baked into all of the tools in Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs.

They are there from the free tier all the way up to Enterprise. They're developing all the time, and HubSpot have just announced Multiple Preference centres for their Enterprise tier, so if you've got multiple brands or business units and want to handle unsubscribe by business unit, you can.

As GDPR is open to interpretation, you configure your GDPR settings in HubSpot to match your company privacy policy. It can be a bit overwhelming, and you don't want to just turn everything on as it may put the brakes on all of your marketing!

Happy to help if you need help with configuring this on HubSpot.

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