How to add Zoom calls to your Google Calendar invites automatically


There’s a new option in G Suite/Google Workspace admin to stop Google from adding Google Meet links to every new meeting you create.

But there may be a better option than turning it off. If you leave it enabled, you can instead add your favorite video call app to Google Calendar instead (and this works with everything: G Suite/Google Workspace team account and standard Gmail accounts). Here’s how.

First, if you’re using G Suite/Google Workspace, you’ll need to enable calendar event video calls if you’ve disabled them. Open your G Suite settings, select Apps -> G Suite -> Google Calendar, then choose “Video” under Sharing Settings (or click here to jump directly to those settings). Then enable “Automatically add video conferencing to events” if it was disabled.

Then, you’ll need to install the video call app you prefer into G Suite or Gmail. There are add-ons for Zoom (use this one to add it to Gmail instead) and GoToMeeting at least for now.

Once you’ve installed that, go make a new Calendar event. Now, instead of just a button to add Meet to your calls, there will be an “Add video conferencing” button where you can select between Meet and the other video call apps you’ve installed. It’s not fully automatic, but at least gives you a way to add the call app you actually want to use to Google Calendar.

Then, coming soon in Google Workspaces, that same setting to enable adding video meetings to events will also let you set one of the options as default. That way, when your team makes a new meeting, they could have a Zoom call added by default, much like how Meet links were added by default previously.


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