I have a 5k monthly SaaS like install with 1 pillar client. What’s next for me?

I currently have a yearly (initially 2 years) contract paid monthly with a country office of $ACME where I actively maintain and add more features for a system I wrote.

The contract started at 2017 august at 2k a month for 1 country office. Now system used in 2 country offices but all paid by the first office with a total of 5k MRR. Current contract should end by Dec of 2020. System is partly on their cloud and mostly on premises (aka Intranet). Highly customized. I want to grow more revenue or more spare time so I can build other SaaS stuff.

Now thinking of go for job interviews during spare time so that I can get offers which I can leverage in my end of year negotiations for a bigger MRR. First office keeps promising to intro me to more country offices but the main person I talk to is a NINA (no influence no authority).

Current time investment quite high abt 30 hrs a week on active development. But very flexible compared to actual employee work.

I am almost 40 years old I want to stop going after dead ends in my career. Advice?

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2 years ago

Do you want to have a job? Then get a job at an employer who values software engineers. They'll pay a lot more than $5k a month.

Do you want to have a business? Then you should focus on selling something similar to what you've got for other companies; plausibly 2~3 sales gets you to sustainability.

Do you want to have an interesting flexible lifestyle? Then plausibly keep doing what you're doing and attempting to walk up the value of the one account that you have. (And/or execute on the business and then just operate it in a flexible fashion.)

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@KimStacks (replying to @patio11 )
2 years ago

Thanks for reply.

By “execute on business” What do u mean exactly?

I am based in Singapore btw and my numbers are in USD after a rough conversion. Not sure if that matters

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