Lumen5 is sorcery

Paste the URL of your article/blog post into and magically turn it into an explainer video, including animations, movie clips, and music. Includes templates for different styles and templates for different outputs (like YouTube or story format).

You can download to your own computer or share to Facebook or elsewhere. They also will host a version of the video for you so you can just have the URL. Videos can be public, unlisted, or private.

With the free version, you can create up to 3 videos per month with their branding at the end. For $11/mo, you can get up to 10 videos without branding.

One note...when I uploaded a finished video to YouTube, it caught the music as being copyrighted, so I had to replace it with royalty-free. You might want to just swap out the music ahead of time if that's an issue for you.

No, I'm not affiliated with them, just couldn't believe what I was seeing when I used it and had to share with my favorite nerd community.

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a year ago

Haha, great title!

I have dabbled with Lumen5 in the past but will have to check it out again — good call.

Video is such a beast for marketers and usually so expensive/difficult to implement quickly. Love that companies like Lumen5 are making it more accessible.

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