Migrating off of Intercom

We currently use Intercom for 1) customer support (chat and email), 2) drip email marketing, and 3) customer knowledge base. But the nature of our business and Intercom's business model has quickly made it cost prohibitive as we've scaled to >100k users. It's too bad because we've really enjoyed the product overall, and the idea of one platform that incorporates these functions makes a lot of sense.

For those of you who have moved off of Intercom, wondering if you've found a combination of services that works as well / better? In particular wondering what people like for #2, email and in-app messaging campaigns triggered by events that are being piped in by Segment.

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almost 3 years ago

We've been users scaling from a few thousand to 300K+

Everything is piped through Segment, although we do bring additionally in SFDC and Zendesk data via Census.

We primarily use for email, not in-app, but they support a few mobile push platforms and webhooks.

Pricing has been reasonable (significantly less than our intercom quote).

They also support Liquid Templating , which is the main reason I'm such a supporter. Liquid let's us do multi-variant personalization on a single sequence. Write one great email that supports 3+ personas dynamically vs. writing a separate sequence for each : )

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@awwstn (replying to @mattsornson )
almost 3 years ago

We use and love it too. Some limitations, but the pricing is great. Also, agree that liquid templating is awesome. Impressed with how much you can do with that.

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2 years ago

Update: We switched to Zendesk and and loving both. Decided that we didn't really need chat and a traditional ticketing system would be more manageable and lead to a better customer experience.

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@maguay (replying to @andrewmason )
2 years ago

Awesome to hear the switch worked out for your team—thanks for sharing the update! Have customers complained at all about not having chat now?

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2 years ago

Intercom just isn't working for us anymore. It hasn't been for a while to be honest, but we haven't had the time to move off. We made this a priority recently and the core tools we're transitioning to are:
1. Vero -> smart campaigns to replace Intercom's messages feature (piped data through segment)
2. Zendesk -> customer service (some data piped through Segment, some direct connection through the API)

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