How can I calculate percentage differences between multiple percentage values in google sheets?

I need help to know how I can do this the best/correct way :)

So my case is:
I have a spreadsheet my collegues filled in with different prices from different locations and my task is to count the difference between highest and lowest (minus the top and lowest 5-10% since they variate to much) and see the percentage difference and then there are multiple columns that I in the end need to count out the difference from all together to get a final difference in percentage :)

Column A
says from top to bottom:

Column B says:

column C... etc

And then all the columns % diff should be counted the difference also :P


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a year ago

What do you mean the percentage difference? In your example in column A, the lowest amount is 2800 and the highest amount is 4900. Difference is 2100. Is the percentage difference -25% (2100/2800-1) and -57% (2100/4900-1)?

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@Gkbubbles90 (replying to @bigal123 )
a year ago

It was solved, thank you for reply :)

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