PSA: Check your SaaS bills every so often (especially metered services like AWS)

Random heads-up for something I just encountered: You should likely check your metered SaaS bills every so often, just to make sure you're not being charged for something you're not using.

This month I noticed my AWS bill seemed higher than average—so logged in, and turns out I'd been billed $24.53 for AWS DirectoryService for a month without realizing it. Oddly I don't remember setting it up, though I had checked out its landing page and in-app dashboard so perhaps enabled something while looking around. It all ended well—Amazon even refunded the charge after I inquired—but it reminded me that it's worth looking back over your bills every so often just to check.

I typically set an annual or monthly reminder for myself to check subscriptions a few days before they renew and make sure I still want to subscribe, but otherwise don't look at bills. But sometimes it's worth double-checking, both to catch software inflation but also overages and such that either might mean you want to scale down usage or that you'd be better off switching to a higher-tiered plan.


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