Recommendation on Customer Enrichment Tools

Looking for recommendation on Customer/Data Enrichment Tools and also would be great to hear from the community how do they use and leverage the features from these enrichment tools.

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a year ago

I've used a few—though only Clearbit extensively.

Clearbit's Gmail addon is generally a great way to find people's email addresses, either to reach out to a specific person at a company or to find who's in a role at a company. And then, in the same way, their API can fill in that detail for you, which I've used to see subscribers' roles and companies, among other things.

Diffbot has a contact enrichment tool that's based on data they've crawled from public websites. It works through its API, website, or an Excel/Google Sheets' add-on—the latter being an easy way to enrich data.

FullContact is an app I'd originally used more for its business card scanner app—but one of its core things now is an API to enrich contact data.

And, as one more I just realized, Zapier's Lead Score tool is white-labeled MadKudu, so there's another I've used in passing!

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a year ago

This is so new to me never knew zapier has enrichment feature, will definitely try it asap and connect with my crm and see the performance. Thanks @maguay

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a year ago

@siddxxvii Zapier's built-in Lead Score tool is fairly basic—but gets the job done, without needing to buy another tool, which is always a plus!

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a year ago

Following. Would love to see a better solution than Clearbit. Bring Rapportive back.

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