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Greetings, I'm seeking out for a user session recording tool and came across the 'snapshot' reports for Hotjar on the lower tier plans.

I'm looking at the Pro plan and their pricing page says I get 2,000 user recordings per 'snapshot', but that I get 'unlimited' recordings and 'unlimited' reports and I'm starting to get confused.

Hotjar users, does this mean I get 2,000 user recordings per month? Like 2,000 videos that I can watch from 2,000 users? Or is this a singular video where activity from 2,000 users have been aggregated?

Thanks ahead!

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2 years ago

Hotjar Snapshot recording

Hey @herrowna, I'd used Hotjar for some projects last year, and found this rather confusing as well since I was coming from FullStory which records every visit and interaction on your site.

Hotjar is built essentially around projects, where you have a hypothesis, start recording a subset of your visitors to check that data, and then iterate from there (instead of just recording everything forever, as in FullStory). So, you start a new Recording, and there choose your Snapshot size (which Hotjar defines as "an on-demand report based on a sample of your traffic). Basic accounts get 100 recordings per snapshot, Plus plans get 2,000 recordings per snapshot, and so on. Then you set which page you want Hotjar to record, and it'll run until it gets the number of recordings your Snapshot was set to capture. You can then view the data about those Snapshot captures in aggregate, get reports on what that number of recordings showed, and so on.

Then, if your plan has "unlimited" recordings, you can go create as many Snapshots as you like. It's just that each snapshot is capped at recording that number of visits each time it runs.

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@herrowna (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

Wow that checks out now, thank you so much for your help, Matthew!

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@maguay (replying to @herrowna )
2 years ago

Sure thing! FWIW their Personal Basic plan works pretty well to test it out and compare it to other tools, if you haven't used it yet ... though that only gets 100 recordings per snapshot.

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