What's the best way to build a document generation workflow with a branded frontend?

I have the following workflow:
Customer Data in Database - Connect Sales Person to customer - generate Document - monitor payment - send payment to Sales Person
The Data input should be in an individually branded frontend.
Any ideas of an app that would work well here?

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6 months ago

Assuming the documents actually need to be printable, PDF or Word documents, the tools that come to mind first for me here would be Airtable and WebMerge (with Zapier to bridge the two).

Essentially you'd use an Airtable form to let people enter data for the documents, and store that in Airtable. Zapier could send the data to WebMerge and turn it into a print-ready PDF or Word document, and then update Airtable with the attached file. You could then share an Airtable view with your client that includes all of the details, including the finished document, and perhaps automate sharing by having Zapier email the client with the finished document and Airtable page.

I bet you could pull off the website for data entry and sharing the finished document with Webflow, too, for a more polished interface—it just might take a bit more work.

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