We have started to use Summit ( for forecasting over the last few months and have been super impressed.

It's currently on beta. Free to use, super simple sign up process, time to value very quick. Plus a great team behind it.

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a year ago

Hi everyone - another great solution in this space is Cube - - it really combines the best of spreadsheets and the best of advanced software that can help you improve forecasting and insights with flexibility and ease. Also love how it enables collaboration and between finance and budget holders - so no more manual bouncing between data silos / excel sheets, which is often where errors happen in my opinion.

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a year ago

Neat! What have you liked about Summit most since you've started using it—and what were you using instead previously?

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a year ago

Do you use it just for financial forecasting? Or does your team use it at all for demand forecasting / inventory planning?

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@danjcurrin (replying to @Jamhound )
a year ago

We use it for financial forecasting, we use to do this using google sheets. But it was very gut feel. Gut feel is still relevant, but at least with Summit it now sense checks that gut feel with forecasting based on our metrics. You can also run a few different scenarios on it, which has been helpful to do given the current climate.

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