What are your top Intercom feature requests?

What features would make Intercom better for marketing, lead generation, and customer support for your company? What would you like to see added to Intercom's chat box?

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@pc4media (via Twitter)
9 months ago
Analyze performance of automated messages

Hey @intercom Any plans to let us analyze the performance (sent, opened, clicked, replied) of auto-messages over time?

Really need a line graph for these metrics.

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@caseyfulgenzi (via Twitter)
9 months ago
Option to merge conversations

Is it really not possible to merge conversations in @intercom?

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@realvc68 (via Twitter)
9 months ago
Choose which messaging tools customers can access based on their user tier

2 features I'd love to see in @intercom for customer support:

1) Choosing what messenger apps are visible to my users based on segments. e.g. Users who pay more for a product see options for on call support as well as live chat, whereas others just see live chat and articles.

2) Conversation reports need to show user specific conversation stats & for B2B customers, company specific conversation reports should be available I shouldn't have to export my data to excel and create my own charts for analysis that is so pertinent to Intercoms use case.

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@adriansio (via Twitter)
9 months ago
Dark theme for Intercom dashboard

@intercom It's now time to introduce the Dark/Night mode for the dashboard, please. All that white hurts the eyes!

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9 months ago
High contrast color options for documentation

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anonymous (via Twitter)
9 months ago
Create saved replies in Intercom iOS mobile app

@intercom hey folks! How do I create a new ‘saved reply’ on the Messenger for iPad? Can only insert from what I see.

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