What do you think Slack could do better?

I know you worked on Slack for a while -- not looking for you to bash them. :)

But, do you think there's anything that they should be focused on that hasn't been prioritized yet?

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a year ago

A big part of the early culture at Slack was being critical about the state of the product, so I'm happy to share. I don't know what their current priorities are and would be guessing from external signals like anyone else.

My favorite unpopular product idea while I worked at Slack (that I still believe in) would be a "deskless workers" account that would be much cheaper and integrate with tools like Toast to help food service/logistics/manufacturing companies go all-in on Slack.

I actually disagreed with the design of our mobile apps entirely, which I still think should be designed around the "drop in for 5 minutes to check messages or find something" use case rather than be smaller versions of the desktop tool.

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a year ago

Interesting! I actually think a lot of mobile apps could benefit from being split into two apps: One for quick consumption, another if you want the full desktop experience on the go. Have only seen that with media apps. The Economist, for example, has Economist Espresso that gives you a quick summary of the news of the day, along with the full Economist app with everything they publish. Love the former because it lets you get the news quickly and feel like you're "done".

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