What happened to Baremetrics Messaging?

Anyone knows if Baremetrics messaging ( is still live? I can't seem to find it on the Baremetrics website anymore.

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almost 3 years ago

That is very interesting @kehers. From what I can find, it looks like it was announced then disappeared from their marketing—but the product itself appears to be live and functional still. If you go to (the link shared in Baremetrics' official Messaging announcement) while logged into a Baremetrics account, you can sign up for a Messaging trial. It looks like the screenshot below. It starts with a list of drip campaigns to win customers back, pitch upgrading to an annual plan, prompt trial users to upgrade to paid, and more. Click in, and you'll see a filter screen like that below to hone in on the users you want to target, and then can edit a rich email to be sent to them (with custom Baremetrics DNS settings to send emails from your domain).

Baremetrics Messaging screenshot

The marketing pages are all gone from the public site, though you can look back at the Baremetrics Messaging features page in Wayback Machine. That lists pricing as well, which is based on your MRR and starts at $25/month for $10k in MRR, to $500/month for $700k+ MRR. Here's how the product is described in the built-in onboarding if you signup today:

Baremetrics Messaging Onboarding

Beyond that, all that's left is launch announcements. There was a Twitter announcement from @baremetrics about Messaging on June 19. That now redirects to the feature page about Baremetrics Control Center dashboard. There was also a blog post published in late May about sending cancelation emails that contains a link that, again, links to Baremetrics Control Center. Looks like the first official announcement was from Baremetrics founder @Shpigford on May 20th

Another curious thing: The Baremetrics homepage today even includes a HelpScout Beacon support widget. I was almost wondering if they had an in-house tool they were testing there powered by Messaging, but seems like that feature is only aimed at email messaging for now.

Anyhow. That leads me to wonder if they decided to pull the product back into beta, or if they're trying not to scale that part of their product up as fast for some reason. Will be interesting to see where it goes next or if the messaging product itself disappears along with the product detail pages.

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almost 2 years ago

Update: I started working on a marketing automation solution just about a year now and one of our supported integrations is Stripe. This allows businesses to automate billing notifications like subscription failure emails, payment receipts and reminders like card expiring and trial ending reminders. Here:

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