What is the right time(s) to ask users what they think about your product?

Curious how you balance:
a) getting signal from users on PMF throughout their user journey (eg. first day, first week, first month, etc)
b) not spamming users with surveys & disrupting their experience

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almost 3 years ago

Hi Sebastián! 👋

If you care about the 40% product-market fit benchmark, then you should wait until your user has had the chance to experience the core value proposition of your product.

For a service with transactions, you might want to wait until after a few have happened (e.g. for Uber, you might want to wait until after a few rides). For Superhuman, we wait until users have had the chance to experience what makes the product special. There is a trigger based both on time as well as number of emails sent — in practice, this turns out to be after about 3 weeks.

As for not spamming, we only ever ask each user once, and we never do a repeat survey.

I hope this helps! 🙂🙏

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@SebFeed (replying to @rahulvohra )
almost 3 years ago

Thanks Rahul, that helps! Huge fan of your PMF post 🚀

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@rahulvohra (replying to @SebFeed )
almost 3 years ago

Of course, and thank you!! 😄

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