What is the worst / most-drawn out sales process for a software that you've had?

Early last year, I was looking at a CRM and Sales tool for a consulting client of mine. I've always been a Hubspot advocate, but I wanted to see what the competition offered, so I gave Salesforce a try.

My Salesforce experience was awful. I'm a pretty straight forward person with what I want and what is in, or out of, my price range. Anyway, after my initial call with the sales rep, they wanted to set up a follow-on meeting with a larger team. I said, "That's great, but I really just want the pricing for X, Y, and Z. The sales rep said he'd put it together for me right after the next meeting. After the meeting, I asked if I could get the base pricing, and the rep asked if we could have another call with the team so they fully understood my needs.

I said I want X and Y, that's it. He said okay and he'll give me pricing tomorrow. Tomorrow came, then they asked for another presentation.

That's when I gave up and stuck with Hubspot. The sales rep was a nice guy, but an ADD person like me doesn't have the time, attention, or desire to go back and forth for something as simple as the basic starter pricing to even test the waters.

Has anyone else had an experience like this with Software sales? Or was I just mega lucky?

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almost 3 years ago

Most sales people suck, they are following a script/process and not learning from the source nor trying to solve the customer needs.

Segment was the worse, though most are bad for me.

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@alexjmedick (replying to @BobbyHuang )
almost 3 years ago

I’m always blown away with the “script + procedures” efforts in digital marketing and sales these days. Just because there is a script, doesn't mean you can't customize to your current efforts. There's a healthy combination of data powered actions plus humanity plus empathy that a lot of companies miss the boat on, in my opinion at least.

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