What is your preferred company stack?

I know this is a loaded question, but I'm curious on a general level of what tools companies or people prefer to use together.

For example, GitHub for all development, Sketch for all design, Notion for everything else, and Slack for communication.

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2 years ago

We've been pretty happy with this setup for a while but certainly still room for improvement:

GitHub, AWS, and VSCode for anything dev/engineering
Adobe XD for design
Slack for team communication
Clubhouse for project management

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@maguay (replying to @just2jays )
2 years ago

Seen Clubhouse mentioned a couple of times lately—what's your team like about it most? Looks nicely designed from the landing page!

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2 years ago

Here's what we're using at Capiche:

  • Slack for chat
  • Zoom for team calls
  • GitHub for code
  • Notion for notes, internal documentation, projects, planning, records...
  • Figma for design collaboration
  • Google Docs/Sheets for data sharing (the former for editing longform content, the latter for collecting data such as form results, organizing products to launch, et al)
  • Gmail via G Suite for email, with Google Groups for shared addresses like the one in the footer (works on a small team, would need a help desk if the volume was higher)
  • Google Drive for shared files (for anything not caught by the other apps in the stack, which is rare)
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