What mouse / touch highlighter are you using?

When it comes to recording or presenting your screen, what touch highlighter/gesture tracker you are using?

We are looking for solutions for iOS, Android and mac OS to further improve clarity of our product demos and support videos.

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2 years ago

During video calls, I typically just use the highlighting features built into the call app I use. Our team uses Zoom, so if I was sharing the screen and needed to highlight something, I'd click the Annotate options.

Or, if recording a video of how to use software, I often use GifBrewery to record a quick animation of software. That doesn't show your mouse cursor by default in recordings, so I'll enable that first and then record the Gif.

Though honestly, often all I'd do is click and select text on the screen to highlight it—that doesn't emphasize the text quite as much, but it's easy and doesn't require any extra thought or tools.

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