What one thing do you like most about productboard?

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3 years ago

Helps me easily manage and prioritize product feedback

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almost 2 years ago

It does a decent job at getting your feedback in one place, but it struggles with actual prioritization, search, organization, and collaboration. We use productboard for feedback collection but stick to for actual product management.

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What are the best platforms for community management?

We have 15k newsletter subscribers, and have around ~2k of them in a Slack group. We're starting to encounter issues in terms of community management - specifically, it's hard to pin content like c...

Any suggestions for a workaround to an Outlook calendar not syncing with Google Calendars?

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What's the best video conferencing app for internal discussions?

Three major considerations I have been using to evaluate the plethora of options available: 1. Effortless/non-intrusive: It shouldn't feel like a video call 2. Price: As this app would be complime...

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