What one thing do you like most about Quip?

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a year ago

Their Documents take an element or component based approach e.g. titles, subtitles, paragraphs, etc are all elements of a Document, which I found to be intuitive from the outset.

It's from this approach, that I think the power of of platform comes from. Because each element is a unique piece of the document (rather than a blob of styled content), this enables a more consistent and less error prone editing and formatting experience, as well as the ability for more contextual collaboration and conversations around the content, for example. The other Quip features build on this stable concept, which has resulted in a more predictable interface and way of working.

The alternative approaches being large blobs of what is essentially styled content (e.g. Google Docs) where formatting can get into a messy state, which means you have to do all kinds of tricks to get consistent formatting. This approach also makes collaboration more difficult e.g. Suggestion editing, comments, etc - where the content and collaboration features are very tightly coupled, so simply cutting and pasting has unexpected effects, that you have to learn to work with/around - which is much less intuitive.

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