What one thing do you like most about Sketch?

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3 years ago

The ability to hold command to grab the corner pins on any object to rotate it.

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3 years ago

I love the utility of scale. If i want a quick abstract concept, I can put pen to paper and get some tangible in a few minutes. But I can also spend hours diving in and creating a robust hifi. It's approachable and that makes it useful.

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3 years ago
  • ease of use
  • easy integration with code
  • less complex than Illustrator
  • made for UI/UX
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3 years ago

I appreciate how lightweight Sketch is as opposed to many of the design tools I grew up using. It’s competing in an ever tough market now but I’m optimistic about how much more room Sketch has to grown and mature in.

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3 years ago

Ability to create product designs quickly and easily

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