What product walkthrough / customer onboarding platforms would you recommend?

We'd like a tool that allows us to easily build onboarding/product walkthroughs/feature shoutouts without needing an engineer or designers.

We're looking to integrate into a few places:
-web app we control
-chrome/firefox extension
-mobile app (ios/android)

We'd like to be able to split test variables to see which onboarding/product walkthroughs lead to the desired end behavior.

Nice to haves would be integration with Segment / Amplitude, though are not requirements. It doesn't have to be self-hosted.

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2 years ago

AppCues - SaaS onboarding platform
Just like you requested, after the initial install, no engineers or designers needed and it can be used in web apps and mobile apps. It's designed around the idea of a visual builder where you assemble and customize your walkthroughs/shoutouts/modales and slideouts directly in the context of your product - they overlay this interface over your product using some magic.

Both Segment and Amplitude integrations are available as a single-click to install. You can use custom user properties from Segment for split testing in combination with AppCues's own internal A/B grouping to show different content to users. The fact you have Segment is actually great as AppCues heavily relies on Segment now for integrations and for analytics on tools like Amplitude. The tool itself is built around the idea that the customers will have those too (or something similar) so the product team focuses its efforts on features that don't overlap.

A number of advanced targeting and triggering features are available + you can also push NPS feedback form, collect direct input from the users, show interactive Checklists and load hosted videos within your pop-ups. Let me know if I can be helpful in any way.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the recommendations, looks like it'll get mighty expensive, I should mention we're looking at mid 6 figures MAU or more.

Though onboarding new users will be low 6 figures per month.

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2 years ago

I'd researched this a bit last year for someone who needed to put a product walkthrough behind a firewall and self-host it—but those might give you somewhere to start the search.

Pendo's another that looks nice—though you have to get a quote for their pricing, and Pendo's pricing stories seem to run from ~$5-20k/yr.

What is a good product walkthrough product that offers custom domains?
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The best option here would likely be a product walkthrough tool that lets you build a demo and install it directly into your software without needing to access their servers. The best options there include:

Inline Manual includes a “Standalone Player” that you can download and install directly into your site, with a Standard Pro (from $158/month for 250 active users) or Enterprise account. You’d need to use its Chrome extension and web access to build walkthroughs, but then would download the script for the finished player and host it on your site or inside their network.

Whatfix, Toonimo, and WalkMe offer similar tools to build product walkthroughs and tours, then deploy them either with their hosted services or with their on-premise, self-hosted options. Whatfix uses a Chrome extension to build your demo, then its self hosting options include tutorials on hosting your demo on your server or Amazon S3. WalkMe uses a Windows or Mac app to build your demos, then with its Self Hosted options lets you download your tour and add the file folder to your site. Toonimo defaults to being a hosted service, but also offers on-premise installation services. You would need to contact each app’s sales team for pricing, though.

A more basic (and free) option is Bootstrap Tour which uses standard Bootstrap popups and tooltips to add in-app navigation tips and hints. You can fork its code on GitHub and customize it to your needs.

Nickelled could possibly still be an option, as it seems to have recently added an option to add a custom URL with their Academy Package ($199/month) or higher with their white labeling features. It may require an email to their team to finalize setup, though, and even still it won’t be as guaranteed to work as the tools that let you download and run the guide on your site.

Or, another option could be to build an interactive demo separate from your app. Take screenshots of every part of your application, then add them to Figma or InVision (or even a presentation app like PowerPoint or Keynote), and add links to each button and part of your app that send users to the next screenshot “screen” in your app. It wouldn’t let people learn inside your app directly, but would be another way to build an interactive demo.

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@BobbyHuang (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

Talking to Pendo this Friday and 100 percent have been referencing your post.

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@maguay (replying to @BobbyHuang )
2 years ago

Nice, you’ll have to share what pricing you get on that page if you end up using it!

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