What tools help you decide what to build next, prioritize/triage feedback. What's the one source of truth for you?

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3 years ago

Hi Juraj! πŸ‘‹

We have a lot of tools that we use to run product at Superhuman. I outlined the whole process here.

To the tools:

  1. We use SendWithUs to send out the emails that request user feedback.
  2. These emails contain a link to a TypeForm survey.
  3. These survey responses, and all customer support email, comes into HelpScout.
  4. We have a number of internal Chrome browser extensions that make HelpScout β€” which is awesome, by the way β€” even faster!
  5. Our delight team then tags and triages all this user feedback into Airtable, which becomes our single source of truth for customer feedback.

We have now tagged north of 40,000 individual pieces of feedback this way!

This enables some really cool things:

  1. At the start of any feature, we can automatically generate a skeleton product requirements document that contains many thousands of words of verbatim customer quotes. This easily shaves a month or two of user research off any feature.

  2. At the end of any feature, we can close the loop with anybody who ever talked about it β€”Β and on precisely the same email thread in which they brought it up. This becomes a lovely source of surprise and delight!

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