What was the decision process and considerations that lead you to tackle email as a problem?

I have always admired your focus as a company. So I would love to learn more about the decision process that lead you to build

Was it incidental - ie. you felt the pain of email so strongly that you decided to take matters into your own hands?

Or was there a process of reviewing possible new opportunities and one of them happened to be email.

If it was the latter, can you please share what opportunities you said no to?

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a year ago

So much frustration with email, and so little progress. Turning on the beginners mind and seeing how completely broken it was. Why don't I have control over who can email me? Why can anyone throw obligations my way? Why am I stuck with what other people call threads? Why do I have to follow the same conversation across multiple threads? Why do I have to archive emails to get them out of my way? Why can't I read email like I read Twitter - in an open feed rather than one item at a time? Why do I have to pop a bunch of tabs to read a handful of emails "together". It just goes on and on. It was time.

Email is a treasure. One of the most important inventions in 50 years. It deserved a dusting-off, a revamp, a potent reintroduction. We questioned everything, and the answers were too good to keep to ourselves. So we went all-in and made what we wanted to see in the world. That's HEY. And we're just getting started.

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@luthfurc (replying to @jasonfried )
a year ago

Love it! Thanks for taking the time to share the "why"s the lead to this.

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