What's the best calendar software to pair with Superhuman?

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almost 3 years ago
Gcal, I guess.

I just use Gcal. There might be something better but I've never stuck with any alternatives. I wish Superhuman would build a calendar app!

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almost 3 years ago

Perhaps the most well-designed and keyboard-driven calendar I've used is Fantastical. Much like Superhuman is to email, it feels specifically designed to make managing events fast and simple. Its natural language processing is amazing for creating events just by typing out a description. And newer versions pull in weather, help with managing timezones, and more.

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2 years ago

try the Track App. We are offering free early access for select users if you live by the calendar . You can sign up for early beta access at and answer a few questions to see if it's a fit.
It's great for scheduling across timezones, managing multiple accounts, sharing availability and scheduling events rapidly.

Looking forward to getting you on Track ;)

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@Jai (replying to @SudhamaBhatia )
a year ago

So I've been using Track ( since Jan and frankly it's amazing. I think thats it's only for Mac right now, but the amazing think is that its a calendar with built in scheduling tools.

I switched from the built in calendar on Spark cause I wanted something which gave a similar experience to what Superhuman provides. It's keyboard focused and pretty fast.

Give it a go!

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2 years ago

Took a bit of time, but Superhuman now doesn't need a companion calendar app—it's got a new calendar tool built-in with the latest version. Essentially, press B anywhere in Superhuman to open an event creation sidebar where you can add an event time, invite people, and preview your calendar to double-check when you're free. Here's a quick walkthrough of Superhuman's calendar.

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