What's the best lightweight sales CRM for a single user?

I'm talking to a company looking for the best lightweight CRM for a single user mainly wanting to do sales/pipeline tracking. What say you?

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If it's one user and only ever one user, then Notion can work and provides a nice writing surface for note taking.

If the number of users is expected to grow then get a real sales CRM. I actually did exactly this: I was the only user of Pipedrive at my company for a year. It was a lonely experience. When our sales team finally grew to include more people they were very happy that I had rigorously populated deals, customers, contacts and organization data to help them ramp up quickly in their new roles.

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Hello Stuart! Check out Bigin by Zoho CRM. It's lightweight, simple and works perfectly for your sales/pipeline tracking needs with built-in telephony, email and pipeline customisation.

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I've used Streak for about a year and it's worked great/would recommend. I've also heard very positive things about Pipedrive, but haven't used it myself.

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I like for an easy and flexible solution.

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Pipedrive is lightweight and you can easily scale up. It’s easy to use and super affordable.

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Definitely start with HubSpot free suite. You get a taste of a full tech stack, the learning curve is independently manageable (great UI, top-rated support, clear and navigable help docs), and you have tons of room to grow down the road both within platform via upgrade, or by connecting other integrations.

I have actually worked with two different clients who brought my team in for a business tech evaluation because individual salespeople of theirs had spun up their own HubSpot instances and were crushing it in terms of better workload management, etc.

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@stuartdsmith Have them check out - a great an affordable light weight CRM with a built in power dialer for lighting fast prospecting and contact management all in one.

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You can use Notion for that. Here's a setup:
- a table for contacts
- a kanban board for deals linked to the contacts table (you can move deals across the pipeline)
- optionally a table for the last time you contacted each contact and when to contact again
- you can use Notion reminders for future contacts

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