What’s your favorite chrome new tab extension?

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2 years ago

The Chrome homepage add-on I’d used the longest was Momentum. It puts a new photo as your new tab page each day, with the time, an inspirational quote, a small to-do list, and more. Another cool option just to put a photo on your new tab page is Unsplash Instant which shows a new photo from Unsplash with each new tab.

Some other things people had mentioned in an earlier discussion about browser homepages:

  • Toby was the crowd favorite, as a tool to manage your tabs and group them in your new tab page, and was recommended by @_tthias, @DCasha, and @SteveMathew in various discussions.
  • @iCanAutomate uses FYI to search through documents and more from new tabs.
  • @hirodusk suggested using a blank tab, and uses the “Blank New Tab Page” extension to add that since Chrome now doesn’t let you just set a blank page like about:blank as the new tab page.
  • @adventurelewis built Lagom as a minimal homepage with the date, time, weather, and search

Then, a bit back in a discussion about the best bookmarking tools, several people had mentioned Chrome New Tab tools that are designed for bookmarks too:

  • @chrismessina mentioned using Refind, which recommends new links on your new tab page based on stuff you've bookmarked.
  • @ericmason suggested using the Humble New Tab page to start new tabs with a list of bookmarks.
  • @antoine_mor (in a discussion about managing new tabs) uses Sketchpad for the new tab page, to show notes and tasks on any new tab.
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2 years ago

I have a collection for you, if you'd like to check them out.

Personally, I've been using the Stendig Calendar Tab.

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2 years ago

Toby works great for me.
Well, actually I’m using Toby lite, so I realize it doesn’t count... Otherwise I spend so little time on the new tab page that I don’t have a use for an extension to beef it up.

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@maguay (replying to @qthdh )
2 years ago

Great point on not hitting the new tab page much. I tend to launch sites from the address bar (typing in something in an existing tab then hitting CMD+Enter to open it in a new tab, if needed), or via Alfred.

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