What's your favorite non-obvious use case for Roam Research?

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2 years ago

Ability to embed different types of content via iframe--perfect for creating interactive 1-pager dashboards, handbooks, etc... from various sources and driving engagement with distributed asynchronous teams

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@maguay (replying to @zendude213 )
2 years ago

Very neat—and something that can also work in Notion, for those not using Roam Research!

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@Zach (replying to @zendude213 )
2 years ago

Wow, never thought of that! Very cool.

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2 years ago

PDF Viewer and Twitter embed lovely stuff for me. Try it.

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@Zach (replying to @emre )
2 years ago

I have a page tagged [[twitter bookmarks]], so that Twitter embed is a lifesaver! Haven't tried out the PDF viewer yet, but you're now the second person to recommend it.

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2 years ago

SRS and note taking in one place with Roam toolkit!

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