Which WordPress plugin do you recommend for Dynamic Content?

I'm working on a small side project and not concerned about SEO at all (which I realize can be an issue with dynamic content). I just want to display really targeted copy without coming off as creepy. If-So came up on Appsumo but I know there are tons of other options.

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2 years ago

You should try the new Block Editor, it let you add both static and dynamic contents, use external blocks, oembeds... a lot of things actually.

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2 years ago

Hi! I'm just getting started with Capiche, but this is a problem I've been working through today so I figured I would share. Here are the tools I've found most helpful

If So - (has a lifetime deal on appsumo) great for personalizing content via user info like geo, IP, device ....

Elementor dynamic - great for mixing up elementor based themes.

There's also which is another elementor thing.

but really if you need to get true dynamism and logic, it'll probably be custom PHP

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2 years ago

it really goes down, on your knowledge background and end goal.

Because you might be fine using the Block editor(Gutenberg) for displaying things that doesn't need further function.

You can use page builder to create unique layouts but be aware that those adds lots for 'bloat' in the front-end. Top page builders in the WordPress community are:

1- Elementor

2- Divi

3- Beaver Builder

4- Brizy

Notice that if you want to create a custom post type , you can do that with other plugins or coding, and give those post types custom fields using Advanced custom fields, Pods or Toolset.

Use case:

you want to show cars, and have specific archives for those cars depending on their brand. so you can create a custom post type Cars, brands are going to be your categories for this post type and you can add model, engine size etc as custom fields for the single post.

And then you can design the layout you need using either page builders ,custom coding or using Oxygen.

Oxygen is another plugin, it's called a visual builder. it lets design anything and display anything without bloat in the front-end and with clean HTML code. Share your use case and you'll get better response specific to your needs.

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2 years ago

What exactly do you mean by Dynamic Content?

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2 years ago

Proof has a new personalization offering worth checking out. Not sure on pricing, though.

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2 years ago

I have used Elementor theme framework with great results.

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2 years ago

Assuming you goal is to get a lead or sale, you could check out Right Message (

It is extremely inexpensive and doesn't come across as creepy since it leverages user feedback to provide a more personalized experience.

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2 years ago

I'm definitely going to do more digging into this. Currently, when I build sites with dynamic content, it's a combo of elementor and advanced custom fields.

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11 months ago

You could test , it's pretty advancing, with multiple conditions rules. They offer a free trial.

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