Why is Superhuman still invite-only?

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a year ago

Thank you Matthew! πŸ‘‹

More than anything, we care about helping you get through your inbox twice as fast as before.

And so if it is obvious that Superhuman is not quite ready for somebody because of their workflow or hardware, we're not shy about saying so. For example, we have a really great iOS app, but we don't yet have an Android app. So we tend not to onboard folks who use Android, because we know that they could not use Superhuman on the go.
That's where the waitlist comes in. We are working on an Android app, and will reach out to all those folks just as soon as it is ready. πŸ™

(For those running their own SaaS startups, this kind of waitlist is extremely effective. For example, 36% of all Superhuman customers achieve Inbox Zero in the onboarding itself, and half of all Superhuman customers hit it within 4 hours of starting to use the product!)

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